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8. Bayushi Kyo

Day of the Duels

Played on December 9th, 2018

Topaz Championship, Day 5 in Tsuma, Year 1123

The Naming Ceremony. A most honorable ceremony, where we honor growth and a new name. And this is a special one, this one goes beyond the boundaries of the Clan. Many from outside my Clan will hear my new name, though honor will force them to forget or not hear at all. But every new Samurai made here in the last few days is a little bit more than the ones that have this ceremony at home. I will honor them with my new name and with my new face. I will leave behind my old mask of youth together with my old name. I will probably stay that old Kyo for my parents and siblings for the rest of my days. But for anyone special or close to me that might become my new name. And maybe even for those that prove their honor and friendship to me it might be shortened to Kyo again. But that is a different Kyo, the Kyo of old will never learn new people anymore.

Many hours I spent on the new mask I wear today. One that represents my new name and my new life. All important clans are here today in the Temple of the Seven Fortunes. Every new Samurai is blessed and given the chance to explain their new name. From this day forward I have chosen to wear the name of Bayushi Kyotah. In honor of Bayushi Tah, a man who was given entry into the Bayushi Family in great honor of his skills by the Daimyō himself. His personal mask maker, a great honor in the Scorpion Clan. To both show honor to my parents, who gave me the name of Kyo, and to Bayushi Tah, my new name combines both. I receive a gift of Chrysanthemum seeds. A very honorable gift indeed! Representing both potential from a simple flower and the symbolic importance for the Family of the Emperor itself. A match to how important the Empire is to me and to always keep it close to my heart. I finally bow in acceptance after declining the gift for the customery first two offerings. My mask protects me from a potential loss of honor as a single tear flows from my eye.

As seeds, these have no purpose, only potential. It is duty that drives one to plant them properly so that they flourish and grow. Let them be a reminder to keep duty to the Throne in your heart at all times.

After the ceremony our group, and yes we have grown into a group since first we met on the road, is given a summons from the Emerald Champion herself. This is news indeed! I did not yet know there was a new appointment yet, let alone who it was. I have so much more to learn, I cannot try and do one thing and then lapse in the other. I need to keep the bigger picture in mind if I am to protect the Empire from the inside. Was this knowledge really this scarcely known or was it kept from me on purpose! No time to loose, not when summoned by the Emerald Champion! Without asking for it directly and getting more dishonor in the process I silently wait for the name to be said by someone. Apparently Akodo knew it before me. Agasha Sumiko, the name of the Ruby Champion. Will there be a new Ruby Champion? Will that position be vacant, will she hold both positions. A small change but it could hold so much meaning! And I missed it all!

Apparently we have proven ourselves beyond anything I dreamed of at this stage. A tea ceremony with the Emeral Champion. A personal congratulation of a job well done. Does she mean the Gempuku alone, the apprehension of Bayushi Sugai, or does she hint at more? How much does she know of what is going on and what details am I missing. We are offered the honor of wearing the title of Emerald Magistrate. This would give me tremendous opportunities to protect the Empire. Luckily a summons out of blue like this does not require a proper gift yet, but I would have to ask a senior Scorpion to help me get one when we meet the Emerald Champion next in her home castle.

After the summons I am provided with a sealed gift for the Emerald Champion by Shosuro Tomoe. I wonder how long the gift has been in Shosuro Tomoes possession and if there might be reasons for him to give specific types of gifts. I would surely find out after I gave it, should I wonder about this? Act upon it? Luckily the trip would give me time to think.

But are we done in Tsuma? What information are we missing? Doji Satsume's spirit did not look like we were done. I was clearly missing something. It was then I noticed Akodo's troubles marking her face and speech. She was obviously having problems with something she knew and honor did not allow her to tell us. I decided to offer her a chance to share it solely with me. She would have to trust me not to do anything with it that would dishonor her, but I think I can convince her. The information she had and concluded was of importance indeed!

The next morning at breakfast I shared what I learned and my ideas on it with the group. Unfortunately all we know and all we can think of is not enough for a complete picture. We needed our last day in Tsuma to find out more.