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19. Akodo Yumako

Played on March 3rd, 2019

Two years

Month of the Serpent 19th, 1123

Doji can get his rest

Later that day we hear that Agasha Sumiko made an official statement about Doji Satsume's death. The person responsible will get a proper punishment. We hear that Oji has been locked up and will be hanged in a few days.

Doji Ren organizes a Tea Ceremony in the evening. I gracefully join it. I could use some time to get myself back in balance again after all that happened the last few days. Halfway the ceremony Doji Satsume appears to us. Is that a smile on his face? He bows and then disappears, I think he can get his rest now.

Palace cleanup

The next day we get a new assignment. It seems we have to continue our investigations in the palace to see if there is any Kolat presence left. We do this very thoroughly and after a few weeks we can conclude that the whole palace is free of any Kolat presence.

Dead Clan Champion

During this time I also heared the news of the death of the Lion Clan Champion, Akodo Arasou. He was killed by Doji Hotaru during the battle for Toshi Ranbo, the northernmost Lion city. Now his older brother Akodo Toturi was the new Clan Champion. This was terrible news, but at least I know the clan is still in good hands. I always felt that Akodo Toturi was the wiser of the 2 brothers, even though Arasou was stronger.

As for my relationship with Doji Ren, I'll not let this influence what we have build up. We are Emerald Magistrates for a reason. We want to make this Empire stronger, and to do that we want peace. And she is not to blame for her family's actions, same as I will never be responsible for my own brother's actions.

Two years went by

  • Summer 1123
    - We all split for a month and I went back to Akodo War College to get more training as Akodo Commander.
    - Togashi Gato was chosen as the new Emerald Champion, and from now on we got our assignments from him.
    - We got an assignment to manage some local conflicts at the Crane-Lion border.
  • Fall 1123:
    - We got an assignment to asses the Kolat presence in the Crane lands
  • Winter 1123:
    - We spend Winter Court in Kyūden Doji, the Doji family Palace. We were invited there as Emerald Magistrate so we could observe and report about everything that happened for the Emperor. And to make sure conflicts were solved. The other main reason we were here this winter was of course the marriage of Doji Ren. It was a great ceremony and Doji Ren was beautiful as ever.
  • Spring 1124:
    - In spring we went to the Topaz Championship. We watched the events and in the end Isawa Aki present the Topaz Armor to the new winner!
    - It was around this time that Shinjo Takuya had to leave us for a solo assignment in Unicorn lands.
  • Summer 1124:
    - During summer we had some different Emerald Magistrate assignments. Solving a death, keeping the peace and gathering information for the Emerald Champion.
  • Fall 1124:
    - We had a break from the Emerald Magistrate tasks. I went back to the Akodo War College for some more training. But after 2 weeks being there Akodo Tamako, my Daimyo, needed me in a fight for territory in the East. I fought with the Lion army and because of my outstanding reputation was assigned as commander of a small group of 20 Samurai. We had a big part of the victory and I was glad I was of service to my Daimyo.
    - After that I visited my uncle Asako Okash in Phoenix land. He learned me some more smithing tricks, and together we worked on improving the Lacquered Armor he made for me 3 years ago. To make sure it fit again perfectly and to make it more durable.
  • Winter 1124:
    - This year for Winter Court we got an assignment in Kyūden Bayushi, the Bayushi family castle. We also met with Hiruma Tichuki there. He was a new Emerald Magistrate and was assigned to join our group here. Doji Ren got her child Shosuro Shihaisha a few weeks after we arrived. At the end of the winter court the child was given to the Scorpion clan as a political gift to become a Soshi Illusionist.
  • Spring 1124:
    - During the winter court and the time after we found out that Hiruma Tichuki was asked to guard over Doji Ren by his Daimyo. That explained some of his behavior, but I do wondered why Doji Ren was so important to get a personal guard...
    - We visited the Topaz Championship again.

Month of the Horse 1st, 1125

Again Goblins?

We are all in the Palace of the Emerald Champion when we receive a new assignment. We have to investigate a Goblin presence around Taimana Choryu. Since we have experience with Goblins we are chosen for the assignment. Since this is in Tortoise land I first do some research in the library about this minor clan of which I have little knowledge..

The next morning we start our journey to Otosan Uchi. From there we were planning to take a boat to Taimana Choryu, also called Slow Tide Harbor. After an uneventful journey we arrive in Otosan Uchi 6 days later.

Month of the Horse 7th, 1125

Lost son

In Otosan Uchi we get an invite to meet with Miya Kotsumi. Of course we accept this and there we talk about what happened the last 2 years. But they she comes to the point why we are here. She knows about our assignment in Slow Tide Harbor and asks us if we can look for Otomo Hiroshike. It's the son of a friend of hers who recently has gone missing. We learn some more details about him, that he probably was addicted, and that he has been banned from his family home to Slow Tide Harbor. His father received letters to ask for money but those suddenly stopped.

We learn that he stayed at the Inn of Many Paths, and had an different name there, Doji Hiroshike. But he is no longer staying at the inn. Also we get 2 names of friends mentioned in the letters: Kakita Amano and Katsuga Toro. It's clear that this is not an official assignment, but in our best interest we better handle this request with care.