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10. Doji Ren

Journey towards Shiro Yogasha - Part II - Goblins and Ogre

Played on December 23rd, 2018

Into the fray

Yumako charges into the open road, straight towards the ogre. Followed by Kyo and Yoshi. Takuya and I take up positions in the forested area beside the road and pull out our bows. The golins, which are feasting on the horse corpses initially don't notice us yet.
Arrows fly and the first goblins start to fall. Yoshi channels his powers into the earth beneath him. The resulting earthquake knocks over some other golins. And in the midst of it all Yumako is standing strong, dealing with blows from both the ogre and several goblins. Some golins take up positions with their bows in the entangled undergrowth on the other side of the road.
Some time into the combat, Yoshi has to retreat, severely wounded. He joins Takuya and me to catch his breath. Then we hear Yumako roaring out, planting his Lion banner beside him. It does a very good job at confusing her assailants. The ogre starts swinging his club like a madman, luckily missing Yumako.
More and more goblins fall, until none are left. At that time Yumako deals the final blow to the ogre who stumbles and falls.

We all gather in the open road and quickly start to check the guards and merchants for survivors.