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35. Doji Ren

What in the name of the Emerald Champion...

Played on August 25th, 2019

Explaining the situation

The few people who earlier came towards us now return to introduce us to the delegation. We meet up with the Clan Champion Akodo Torturi, who is flanked by Akodo Kiruhage, Yumako's brother on one side and Matsu Sachiko on the other. She's wearing some odd armour and is introduced as the confidant to the Clan Champion.
Kyo states they're late and goes on to explain the situation in the village together with the help of Yoshi. We also briefly mention the flowers, indicating the illness that runs through the village. We also explain that the Dragon Clan is doing everything in their power to deal with the situation. Tichuki advises to respect the flower message and travel through the village as swiftly as possible.
The Clan Champion states he would like to visit the Shrine closeby, but Kyo deftly dodges that request, explaining it would add on numerous days to the already late arrival.

On towards White flower village

We join the delegation and continue onwards. After a half day of travel, scouts return to the delegation, explaining they've encountered a few goblins west from the route. They've dealt with them luckilly, so we won;t have to waste more time on them.
It does give rise to more guards being put up that night to guard the encampment. Tichuki befriends the guards, telling them about his experience in the Shadowlands fighting goblins and much worse. I meanwhile work on my courtier network, socializing with the coutiers of the delegation. Yumako is joined by her brother that night, he tries to exchange some pleasantries, but Yumako really isn't receptive to them, so eventually he goes back to his tent.

This wasn't the plan!...

After an uneventful night we wake up, pack up and start walking towards the village. Around noon We see the village on the horizon and halt. One of the delegation Shugenja's states something is wrong. Torturi assumes that it's due to the disease, but to make sure, Aki communes with the spirits to gain some insights. She learns about bleeding roses which doesn't forebode good things usually. Crap! This is not a good start of our plan if everybody is already on edge.
The delegation continues with armed guards flanking the main group. Entering the village we notice that the flowers have wilted eventhough Tichuki had preserved them.
I check with Kyo what we should do and we come to the conclusion that we should continue our way as fast as possible. As we round a corner in the village, we're facing Satto in the middle of the street, looking bewildered. As Tichuki hears someone mention she's afflicted he releases an arrow, shooting her. She falls over in the street. From a few of the neighbouring houses the three leaders of the village appear, Ichiro even wielding his sword.
Yumako engourages us as if we're about to face grave danger.
Satto rises again, grabs her sword and states: "Stupid Lion! You walk into a village full of heretic, and you haven't even noticed that!"

How could this have happened... After careful planning, even "befriending" the villagers, why does it have to come down to killing again... All this blood wasted. If only this was the Emerald Champion's court!