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2. Akodo Masako

Tea with a Ghost

Played on October 21th, 2018

Day 1, Spring 1123

We arrive in Tsuma, and it is decorated in style with flags, dragon kites and banners. When we arrive at the inn a Mantis clan samurai is yelling at the innkeeper because he wants a room. The owner is apologizing that all rooms are spoken for. That Mantis member should really learn to keep his composure.
Luckily Doji Ren solves the issue by pointing Hitoshi, which is his name, to another inn in town, and he is very grateful for that. I guess Doji Ren does have some manners and honor.

After he left we notice a female Unicorn samurai sitting in the corner. She looks weird with her dark skin and curly hair. Shinjo Takuya introduces himself to her and we find out her name is Moto Batbayar. I give a small bow to her and continue my way inside

Before we are inside a big Dragon clan female samurai comes storming out. Behind her is a small bald Crab clan samurai. Togashi Yoshi introduces himself to them and the female is called Mirumoto Hinata while the small guy is Yasuki Jun. The small Crab guy won't be much of a challenge, but Mirumoto looks impressive, with the 2 Bokken on her back.

After that we finally get led to our room. I go to bed quickly so I can get some good rest before the tournament.

During the night I suddenly wake up. I'm not sure why, but I see some light in the courtyard. There is an older man preparing a tea ceremony. He invites me and the other 5 that awoke to come sit with him. And then I notice it. It's the dead Doji Satsume. How is that possible? A ghost? Without hesitation I sit down at the ceremony. You shouldn't decline an invitation from the Emerald Champion, even if it's a ghost.

Bayushi Kyo leads the tea ceremony and during it we get some chances to talk with him. He tells us some thing, like that it's important to know your enemy, which of course every samurai should already know. But we also learn some new things, like that we wants a favor from us. He wants us to help Hitoshi, because he needs to become as big a samurai as his father. I'm glad we are already on a good start since we helped him finding an inn. But when we ask who his father is, we don't get any useful response. It's very weird that a Crane member asks us to help a Mantis member. Everyone knows they are not on best terms.
As for myself, I keep thinking of the note... And wonder if it has to do with that. Is Kakita Toshimoko his father, or is Doji Satsume himself the father?

At the end of the ceremony Doji Satsume asks if he can count on us. I confirm, same as the rest, and Doji Satsume disappears. His teacup is still in front of him, unused.

I go to bed, and while thinking about this event I fall asleep.