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25. Akodo Yumako

Played on May 19th, 2019

The Oni!

Month of the Horse 9th, 1125

Goblins incoming!

There I stand, in the middle of the Goblin camp. I tell Isawa Aki to stay behind me, I will try to keep the Goblins away from her. More than 10 goblins come running towards the open area, but what happens behind that is far more interesting. There is another big Shadowland creature scaring the goblins. But it looks weird, like it isn't moving naturally.
At the same time we can hear Hiruma Tichuki screaming that we are all doomed! Is this what we should expect from an experienced Crab Samurai that travelled into the Shadowlands so often before? I guess we can't count on him this fight.

I try to stop the Goblins while Isawa Aki burns them with her fire and Doji Ren is shooting arrows at them. Then I see Togashi Yoshi throwing the Shadowland creature, which was some kind of mask, off of him on the ground. But behind him a similar creature appears, which does look real!

The Oni!

I stand my ground, and with a roar that echoes through the camp, I daze the goblins and hearten my comrades! Togashi Yoshi is trying to get Hiruma Tichuki safe while I try to keep the Goblins attention such that the others can kill them.

But where is Bayushi Kyo? And then I notice it. He is trying to ambush the big Shadowland creature. I see some doubt in his eyes. But do not fear comrad! I do a rallying cry, energizing my friends! It seems to remove any fear in Bayushi Kyo eyes and he critically strikes the Shadowland creature from behind. Together with the others they manage to kill it after the creature unleashed one last roar.

The rest of the Goblins are defeated easily besides the 2 that managed to escape. We try to catch them but the swamp is making it impossible to find their tracks.

2 Left

While we take some rest, I have a look at Hiruma Tichuki's face. I see shame in it, so let's not make it worse than it is, and not talk about what happened there.

We learn from Hiruma Tichuki that the monster we fought was an Oni. But where did it came from? To find out we follow the Oni's tracks. But about 50 meters further they suddenly end. As if it appeared here from out of nowhere. Isawa Aki does some rituals to ask the Kami. It seems it was probably summoned here by Maho, blood magic. That's the same kind of magic the Bog Hags used.

Next we discuss what to do with the 2 goblins that disappeared. I ask Hiruma Tichuki if it's likely that they will return to the camp later, which he confirms. But when... I really would prefer not to spend the night in this Goblin camp. We didn't even bring our Traveling packs. But it's decided we will, so I guess i'm staying up this night. Let's hope these Goblins turn up soon....