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8. Doji Ren

Award Ceremony

Played on December 9th, 2018


We're all getting ready and dress up for the award ceremony which will take place in the Temple of Seven Fortunes. There we are welcomed by represantatives of all the clans. Kitsuki Yukini is standing beside the Topaz Champion armor which will be awarded to the new Topaz Champion.
One by one we're all called to the front. Eventually it is my turn. I stand on the podium, bow to the judges and the public. Then priests from the Kakita duelling academy give me their blessing. I then get to explain my chosen name: Kenza. This means treasure, which is very fitting for I am the treasure and gift from the Crane Clan to the people of Rokugan!
I am then presented with a gift from the clan which I refuse twice, not being worthy of this recognition. But then I accept. I'm presented a tiny golden mirror by Doji Murasige while he tells me "Mirrors are necessary to ensure one’s appearance to others is as perfect as one’s manners and actions. A Crane must at all times embody perfection, after all". I also receive my Wakizashi, and the Katana I used yesterday when chasing down Bayushi Sugai.
Hitoshi is very eager to receive his Gempuku and his gift, proving that he is worthy of our acknowledgement. I'm looking through the crowd for an approving nod by the ghost of Doji Satsumi, but don't see him. I wonder if this isn't the end than for us in our task for Doji Satsume.

After everybody has had their turn, it is time to announce the new Topaz Champion. Isawa Aki is called to the front where she receives the Topaz Champion armor along with a Katana. The runner up Shiba Tōya is up next to also receive a Katana.

During the party afterwards a messenger approaches us, explaining he's got a message from the new Emerald Champion for us. We're expected to follow him to meet her. I'm really thinking hard who she might be. I really should know this. I've seen the Dragon banners near the Emerald Champion office, but I forgo to investigate who has succeeded Doji Satsume. I hope my lord doesn't learn about my lack of commitment, as I was really focussing on my own success in the Topaz Tournament, and I quickly memorise the name, which is known by Akodo Masako.
Her name is Agasha Sumiko, the Ruby Champion of the last few years.

We're invited to join her for tea and she congratulates us with a well deserved Gempuku. We're good Samurai, which is important as a Emerald magistrate. She offers us training which is to be followed by a job as magistrate tasked with upholding the laws and peace between the clans.
I gladly accept, as this will give me ample opportunity to increase my influence in the various courts. We're expected to follow her soon to the Emerald Champion castle to start our training. She'll be leaving tomorrow, so we should follow swiftly. We're expected to bring a gift for the Champion. This will be provided by our Clan representative present in Tsuma.

The Hitoshi Conspiracy

The next morning during breakfast, Bayushi Kyo tells us a story about how he suspects a conspiracy to kill Hitoshi and how some of the Bayushi family seem to be involved. Bot not only them, even Kakita Tushimoko is mentioned as the possible father of Hitoshi, referring back to our Tea ceremony with Doji Satsume, and his ghost considering us not ready yet with the task he set us out to do.
Instead of already travelling to the Emerald Champion, we'll spend just a bit more time here in Tsuma investigating these affairs.