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11. Bayushi Kyo

Shiro Yogasha

Played on January 6th, 2019

Towards Shiro Yogasha, Day 6 on the road, Year 1123

Nothing. As expected this was a time consuming waste of our precious time. Our new mistress is expecting our appearance and here they waste time helping traders. As I cannot convince the group I take the time to mend my travelling clothes. A bigger hole I mend with a patch of leather from a cart lying on its side.

After a while we are ready again to continue our journey. Hopefully no more interuptions before we reach Shiro Yogosha, the castle of the Emerald Champion. I really need to rethink my ways around this group. I need to keep in mind the importance of the Empire, but not through my eyes only. The bigger picture of the Empire includes all the greater Clans, and we have almost all of those in our little group. I should learn from that and bend a little bit more for both opportunities and insights.

Day 7 on the road

The next day passes uneventful in travel. But at dinner we are joined by Doji Satsume once more. Apparently the quest for his death continues. He wants us to resolve the event of his death and make sure that it has no repercussions on his family. An interesting challenge, but how do we know the resolving is actually good for the Empire? That fool of a Togashi answers that 'we' would honor his request, as if an equal could ever give his word for another. Others agree as well, but as long as I do not know all the details I cannot agree to anything that is not a command from my superiors. As his gaze falls on me I tell him that I have understood his request.
But that does not feel totally proper in present company. I turn towards Doji Ren and offer my word to do my best to bring no harm to her family. She has earned that at least.

Shiro Yogasha, 17th of the month of the Serpent

We are here! The view of castle Shiro Yagashe is impressive indeed! The seat of both the Ruby and the Emerald Champion. This is a place where things happen, a place to learn and improve my skills.
I immediately feel at home as we make our way through the scurrying crowd of the residents. A place of people, stories, and even better.. secrets. Voices quickly tell us the place has not yet managed to process the death of Doji Satsume. We are met by Kitsuki Kāgi who shows us the way to our guest quarters. Although our training starts tomorrow we are told that we are to be ready for the Ruby Champion in an hour. Ruby Champion indeed, what might that mean?
We are not to go to far so I take the hour to prepare my courtiers clothes and mask and get a grasp of the local routes to make sure I can make my way unnoticed if it is required. I should also find out if there is a Scorpion representative here so I can find out more about this place.

After an hour we are led strangely enough right through the audiance chamber into the private chambers of Agasha Sumiko. Kitsuki Kāgi tells us straightforwardly that this is very uncommon practice and that he does not approve at all. This should be good!