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1. Doji Ren

On our way to Tsuma

Played on October 7th, 2018

Topaz Championship Day - 1

Only a few days ago I joined a group of other Samurai who are also on their way to Tsuma to participate in the Topaz Championship and their gempukku.

One of them, Shijo Takuya on horsebackd, stands out in this group for his barbaric style in manners and behaviour. The monk Togashi Yoshi is way more balanced in his ways. And I can have nice conversation with Bayushi Kyo, my fiancee's nephew. I keep asking him about the masks and what's behind them, but for now he just says it's their way. The last one, Akodo Masako, I don't know what to think about her yet. I sometimes catch her keeping an eye on me, but nothing disturbing as of yet.

I greatly enjoy our trip along the river Tangu and tell the rest about the various boats which sail up and down the river. I also tell them everything I can about the lay of the lands and about the championship ahead of us, although I think I might know as much or as little about it as the rest.

As we approach Tsuma, the road is blocked by a cart which has toppled over. A peasant grovels before us when he sees us approaching. I tell him to stand up and ask him what has happened. He apologizes profusely for blocking the road, with a rice field on our left and the river to our right. He then tells us he is named Ryu and that he thought he saw a shimmer of late Doji Satsume, the former Emerald Champion, on the river. It startled him soo much that he couldn't control the cart as he fell.

He continues to explain the cart contains the belongings of Doji Satsume, which he is supposed to bring to Satsume's brother in law. When I hear this, I raise my eyebrow and tell him that he should be a lot more careful when transporting these goods. He apologizes again and again. I hope he has learned his lesson as this behaviour is intolerable!.

In the meantime, Takuya and Yoshi have put the cart upright again and while muttering even more apologies Ryu picks up everything which fell out and puts it back in the cart.

With a last warning to be more careful with the belongings ot the late Emerald Champion he quickly scrambles of dragging the cart behind him.