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5. Shinjo Takuya

Memoirs of a Bushi #5

Played on November 11th, 2018

Year 1123, Isawa Calendar

One of the dishonorable Rōnin is facing each of myself and my companions. They keep their katana sheathed and are fighting with their fists, which might indicate they are not trying to kill us, but merely scare us for some reason. I prefer to use my bokken though, which will only give them a few bruises and maybe a broken rib. The fight is pretty even and blows are exchanged all over. I try to trick my opponent into letting his guard down by whistling loudly to Jinsho-chan who is stabled outside. He responds by kicking the outer wall of the inn hard, which indeed startles my opponent, allowing me to land a hard blow. He retaliates forcing me towards the ground. Mocking me with a dishonorable: "Sit Down little child!" he kindles my inner rage. I respond with another fierce blow forcing him down. My companions have also mostly dealt with their adversaries and the Rōnin retreat. My opponent is still on the ground however and I pounce on him, determined to know who sent them, who brought them to this most dishonorable act. Before he can answer, I am pulled back roughly by two Kakita samurai who had been summoned to investigate the the commotion.

Quickly realising my grave mistake I quickly regain my composure, bow my head deep to them and beg their forgiveness. I really need to watch my temper. The night is uneventful this time, but the red haze from the fight is not yet fully gone from the back of my mind.

The tournament continues the next morning with a test in weaponry. Although I can hold my own with a sword like any other samurai, my mind is still not at rest. Although I manage to score a point, my approach, like my spirit is void, which is by far not the correct stance. This allows my opponent, Hitoshi to score 2 points. Maybe this is my karma? Maybe it is meant to be like this after the match in sumai where I so distinctlively beat him? Then again, thinking back at the words of the spirit of Doji Satsume maybe this is the way it is meant to be. TMy thoughts are like a raging torrent in my mind.

With my mind completely in turmoil, the next event is poetry. How convenient. My subject is spring, but I only manage to produce the following haiku:

From the silent white
An explosion of color
A single Lotus

Understandably, the judges are far from impressed and I don't score any points. Most of my companions fare better and all of them now have completed their gempuku. I think I need a short meditation to clear my mind and prepare for the last 4 events, which fortunately are a bit better suited for me again