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25. Doji Ren

Taking care of goblin business

Played on May 19th, 2019


Yumako takes a stand in the middle of the clearing, ready to face the 'onslaught' of goblins. Although we might need to worry more about what's chasing them.
Tichuki is running around yelling our names, stating that "The End Is Nigh". At this point in time I can't wrap my head around the idea why he acts like this the battle hardened Bushi he is, let alone, why he has been appointed as my bodyguard.

Taking care of business

Aki works the elements and creates a huge vortex mostly disabling the goblins. The Oni i initially saw is being chased by another Oni which seems to more way more realistically. I can imagine why the goblins are trying to get away.
Yoshi then appears from beneath the Oni, which seems to have been some costume and together with Kyo, Aki and Tichuki, who by now has regained his senses luckily, they take care of the real Oni.
From my hiding spot within the undergrowth on the edge of the clearing I deal with our actual assignment, picking of goblins one by one with my bow. But unfortunately two manage to get away. Dang, that wasn't supposed to happen!

Aki consults with the Kami how it is possible that a Shadowlands creature appears this deep into Rokugan land. She learns that it had just appeared in some magical way, originating from blood magic. The same kind of magic the boghags use.
Someone or something else than the goblins are to be held responsible but what?! As it is getting late and I really want to get to the bottom of this, I decide we will stay in the swamp, setting up some kind of makeshift camp for the night.