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16. Doji Ren

This is the law

Played on February 10th, 2019

Study time

We subtly shoo Kitsuki, telling him we're heading to the library to study. The only person present is a Scorpion by the name of Bayushi Ago. He welcomes us "Aaaah you are the youngones". Aki tells him he's happy to meet a fellow scholar.
He asks us what we are up too over here, and once we tell him we've been sent here with a research assignment, he tells us he's really willing to help us out to get started with our research.
We all start with our personal assignments and occasionally get help from Bayushi finding further information. Meanwhile Aki is having a conversation with him regarding various events occurring in this palace. Somehow he manages to bring up the Doji topic. Bayushi thinks the Doji family itself might play an important role. It was considered odd that Doji as a Clan champion also acted as the Emerald champion, although he forfeited the Clan champion role eventually.
Aki also learns that Doji's wife jumped of a cliff and we already had heard, Doji was somewhat held responsible. Aki also learns that Doji Hotaru never mourned the death of her father.

After we're done with our research into our Law assignment, we spend a little time on researching things relating to the notes which we've found. Something which comes up is the heretical Kolat, which is an anti Emperor sect. Mentioning this sect would already be treason to the Emperor. So better be careful. Their thoughts are that humanity should be able to govern itself without Emperor influence.


At dinner, Shigeki joins us at our table. Aki engages into a conversation about the goblins and ogres invading our peaceful lands. He acknowledges this and goes on to mention that the Lion's aren't getting the support they need to deal with this. Even though he's obnoxious, it turns out he does actually know what he is talking about, being a very experienced scout. He's hoping for a fresh breath of air with the upcoming Emerald Champion.
I slip away from our table to plant the first seeds about what we want people to think has actually happened to Doji. I spread the rumour that Doji was very pro-Emperor, and really orthodox and strict in his way of working. Obviously as a Clan champion he's also really pro-Kami.
Spreading this rumour I learn that the Crane Clan has suffered a lot from the tsunami a few years back, which destroyed a lot of Crane farmland. If the death od Doji would discredit the Clan even more, we'd definitely have an issue. Just like yesterday, there's still some careful whispers about the six new Emerald Magistrates in training, and people don't understand what Agashi sees in us; If only they would take an actual look at me and take just one minute to get to know me and my fellow magistrates in training they'd quickly understand why.

After dinner I head back to our quarters to wait for Kiji to return from standing watch at the granary. He doesn't show up at the agreed time, but as I need my sleep for our final day of training I go to sleep.

The Law

That morning Kiji is present again, but this time with a big bruise on his head. He apologises profusely for his absence yesterday evening, explaining he had been hit in the head while standing watch. Aki checks him out and discovers Kiji has been hit with a blunt object. I ponder that there are still people present in the castle with evil intentions.
During breakfast we overhear that Doji's daughter has arrived in the castle overnight. Word on the street is, that she's friendly with the Scorpion Clan. I can really imagine why, but it's obviously somewhat frowned upon.

Sensei Miya Kotsumi lectures us about all the old, traditional laws of Rokugan. And there are a lot of them. We are presented with a case study for which we've been studying yesterday and we have come up with a verdict in which both parties come out favourably. She's pretty satisfied with our solutions and tells us we've done a good job with our studies.
We receive a notebook as a present in which we are to write down our observations so we might teach others in the future. She goes on to explain that the law serves the Empire. Our investigations should always benefit it. And an important remark; An acceptable culprit or theory is more important than factual evidence! Although evidence might help in a case versus a non Samurai though.
A case is solved if the solution serves the Empire!

Doji Hotaru

During lunch Kitsuki approaches us to invite us to a meeting with Doji Hotaru. He explains it is a great honour to ask us for this. We're directed to the ante-chamber of the Room of Questioning.

Doji starts by stating how grateful she is that we saved the life of Kakitu Riku. She goes on to ask us to explain how we did this. Aki tells the entire story with some additional explanations by Yumako and me. Aki leaves out some details about the role of Bayushi Shugei, so I emphasize those, to get a reaction out of her, abouther Scorpion thoughts.
She concludes our conversation stating she'll be present the entire day if we would have some questions for her and that she'll leave tonight again, after collecting some personal belongings of her father. I condole her with the death of her father, trying to read her feelings, but I fail to get an insight into her sentiments.
As a parting thought, Aki tells the whole story about the ghost of Doji. She's genuinely surprised and explains that an Emerald Champion makes a lot of enemies in the line of duty. Reading between the lines we notice that she attributes the death of her mother to her father and she hopes we can make sure the Doji name it put in a positive light.
Aki finally asks her if we should ask her father anything if we meet the ghost again.


Gathered evidence and facts:
  • We just have to come up with a plausible story as we have learned today.
  • Doji often visited and talked to peasants, he used a hidden tunnel from the cave to leave the castle (people say this is what got him killed).
  • He's blamed for the death of his wife by his daughter (suspect?).
  • His daughter is pro-scorpion.
  • We found notes to Doji and to the "Hidden serpent" in the same handwriting. The message to the serpent state that Doji betrayed humanity to the Kami. The message to Doji talk about the unfairness of how Rokugan is governed by an Emperor which is a hereditary role, instead of by people who are actually skilled in the job.
  • Doji has been extensively researching laws and possible ways to interpret them (he might be less pro-Emperor than he should be).
  • Sensei Shosuro Koharu is very knowledgable in the use of poisons, but genuinely disaproves of its use (suspect yes/no?).
  • Documents talk about the Kolat sect which is really anti Emperor. But even mentioning this is herecy. (can we use them as scapegoat?).
  • There's talk about the Perfect Land sect with representation in the nearby villages. They prefer choosen/skilled rulers over heridatery titles/rulers.
  • There are sleeper agenst throughout the Rokugan world.