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50. Akodo Yumako


Played on January 11th, 2020

Month of Togashi 22th, 1128

A new Fisherman's daughter!

- Talk to Doji Shigeru
- Lady Magami got role
- Hiruma Tichuki thinks Shigeru and Lady Shike look similar?

Month of Togashi 23th, 1128

A Lion in the play again!

- I decide that i should take the opportunity to perform for the emperor, especially since no Lion takes part of the play. So I audit for the role of one of the Sailors.
- practice a lot that day
- I'm convinced Lady Shike == Doji Shigeru
- Isawa Aki and Togashi Yoshi did research to Rumiko as Shinobe. They are convinced she was a shinobi within the Ikoma family.