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42. Akodo Yumako

Archery Demonstration

Played on November 10th, 2019

Month of Togashi 15th, 1128

The Archery Demonstration

We arrive at the Archery Demonstration. There the Asahina Archers will give a demonstration. I've never cared much about archery. What is honorful about shooting someone from afar.

The demonstration is at the top of a cliff. In the sea there are 3 boats on different distances from the shore. They each have a banner on which the archers will shoot with arrows with some paint on the tip. Bayushi Kyo quickly dissapears in the croud. Probably looking for his letter writer. We see an Otomo, which we later find out is Otomo Koryusai, who works for Miya Satoshi. It seems like his is distracted, his head is somewhere else than this demonstration. Also there is a Mantis Samurai. Isawa Aki find out it's Susano-o no Izen, the captain of the ship Hitoshi also is on. And probably the best entrance into the Mantis clan delegation. He looks like he is not much impressed by the Asahina Archers.

I talk a little with him and tell him that if he ever needs an Emerald Magistrate he can come to us.

A better Archery Demonstration

Then suddenly it seems Susano-o no Izen can't take it anymore. He steps forwards and is going to show these Asahina Archers how it's done. The Asahina act like it's part of the show, just to not lose face. It seems Susano-o no Izen is indeed a good archers. All 3 shots are hits. Impressive.

Since it was done as if this was part of the act, the Asahina Archers ask if there are any other volunteers. That's an offer Hiruma Tichuki can't refuse. I know he is a decent archers, but still. This doesn't look easy, and I wouldn't even hit the closest banner. But he hits, and not even just a hit, the first 2 shots go exactly over the hits of Susano-o no Izen. From the look of his face, it seems that Susano-o no Izen can appreciate it. The 3rd almost also on top of it, and easily hits the banner. The croud is impressed, and so am I.

Month of Togashi 16th, 1128

Another letter

The next morning Hiruma Tichuki also gets a letter.

Suddenly we find
This world cast in ghostly white
Cold like the graveyard
As night falls, the lanterns glow
Alighting the way forward

A lot of snow fell last night, and they decided tonight there will be a snow lantern celebration!

The Snow Lantern Celebration

We arrive at the Snow Lantern Celebration. It's beautiful decorated, lanterns made out of ice that slowly smelt from the candle inside, statues from ice. And it's like a labyrinth through all those beautiful things.

I see Doji Ren walk with Otomo Koryusai.