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5. Bayushi Kyo

Bayushi Mei Lin

Played on November 11th, 2018

Topaz Championship, Day 2 in Tsuma, Year 1123

More proof this is a prepared fight, the Ronin do not use their weapons. Well too bad for them, my bokken can do the talking for me. I smoothly step into action weaving complex patterns of confusion and attempts to lure the Ronin in front of me into action. He steps into a false opening and I quickly smash my bokken against his ankle. He will not be running at full speed for a week at least. When my opponent goes down it gives me time to count our enemies, strangely enough the number are exactly the same as us. Mostly strange because Mei Lin is not here, if this was properly planned we would have one Ronin left. So either I am thinking too much or Mei Lin actually knew about this encounter. I was drawn from my thoughts when a horse exploded through the wall and Shinjo Takuya took that opportunity to slam down on his enemy. And he didn't stop until two Kakita Samurai drew him away forcibly. That man needs to learn some restraint or that will work against him one day.

Topaz Championship, Day 3 in Tsuma, Year 1123

As planned I earned enough points for my Gempuku yesterday, hopefully that gave me some more time today to focus on other things. Though I wouldn't want to show myself as someone who did not care, so I would still do my best still. But most importantly, I want to confront Mei Lin to why she was not there without having other people notice as I do not yet know the details. As I ask her at breakfast about the honor of last nights encounter, us both knowing she was not there, she answers agreeably without actually saying anything. But her face tells me even though things are not said out loud she knows what I know. I might have scored a point there, but unfortunately it did not make me much wiser.

The weapons test goes as planned and I pass without excerting myself. But the test of poetry totally blindsides me, I make a wreck of things as I try to attempt to include humor about the Kakita. It might have been funny if not for me not being a Kakita and if no Kakita would have been present.