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48-49. Akodo Yumako

48. Lunch

Played on January 4th, 2020

Month of Togashi 20th, 1128

The body is gone!

After Bayushi Kyo is on his feet again he tells us he can't remember what happened besides that he was knocked down. The body is gone. I quickly ask if he still has the invitation, which he has. But it was a stupid to ask, since I forgot Agasha was also in the room and we didn't tell her about an invitation. She sends guards to look for the body but they find nothing. We try to still get some sleep

Month of Togashi 21th, 1128

Lunch with Kakita Ryoku

The next morning we receive an invitation for lunch with Kakita Ryoku and Otomo Sorai, the Otomo Clan Daymo. I guess she wants an update about the Mantis clan. We decide to first bring back the invitation to the Mantis clan.

During lunch we tell her that Lady Magami is seen as a candidate for the Emperor's son by the Mantis clan. In the end Kakita Ryoku asks us if we can arrange that Lady Magami get's the role of the fisherman's daughter in the upcoming play. Since Ryoku is convinced she will fail in that role. The same request as Bayushi Kyo got from the Mantis clan! We tell her we will see if we can help.

After the lunch Togashi Yoshi asks us if we also understood from Ryoku that she wanted us to help making sure that Lady Magami would fail in the play. That's not what I understood, but thinking more about what Ryoku said... Maybe it's what she meant. But I will not help in this!. Let's keep if fair for all!

The Afternoon

In the afternoon Isawa Aki saw the results of the poetry competition and found out it was Rumiko's handwriting that wrote the invitation. Me and Hiruma Tichuki found out that Agashi didn't found any more clues about the body. Bayushi Kyo and Doji Ren went to practice for the play. Doji Shigeru wasn't there, and since Rumiko was missing they visited the Lion clan house to ask if Rumiko was seen there. But they got confirmation that she hasn't been seen since last night.

49. Who gets which role


When they go back to the play practice they find Doji Shigeru there. They try to arrange the role for Lady Magami but fail at that.

In the evening I stay in our room, but some of the others seem to have gone socializing a bit. The next day I notice Togashi Yoshi suddenly is convinced that Lady Magami already got the role... I guess some gossiping has happened...

Month of Togashi 22th, 1128

The next day we visit the Lion guest house. There we tell them we are investigating Rumiko's disappearance further, since she still hasn't been seen. We get access to her room, and there we find a hidden compartment in a box. It includes shinobi things! Not a big surprise for us I guess. I keep wondering if I should mention this to the clan champion. But on the other hand, he probably already knows she is a Sinobi... What is going on her. Who is the person that helped her?! I guess someone else in the Lion clan, but who... And on the other hand, what is the use of finding out.

We tell the Lion clan that we are going to report this to Agasha so they don't have to. And we go to Agasha. There we tell that Rumiko is missing. It seems Agasha has no problems with connecting the dots and assumes that's the person that has been in our quarters at night. Agasha tells she will make it official that Agasha is being missed.

Bayushi Kyo has done some research to Lady Shige. He found out that one of the reasons she is famous is because she is mysterious.

Then it's time to go to Doji Shigeru again. Since Rumiko is now official being missed, it seems there is a spot free in the play, and maybe some roles can be moved such that Lady Magami can get the fisherman's daughter. And listening to the rumours going around, she already has it!