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47. Akodo Yumako


Played on December 15th, 2019

Month of Togashi 20th, 1128

The night

During the evening we discuss what our next steps will be. At some point Hiruma Tichuki says that maybe the Lion clan champion is behind all of this. How dares he! An Akodo would never do such dishonorful thing!

For the night we decide to have a watch rotation. I don't trust it anymore here in this Crane Castle when someone is threatening us and can put a note here without anyone noticing.

During Tichuki's guard turn i'm suddenly awakened by some noise. I look around, an intruder! He has the invitation in his hand and Tichuki is attacking him. I don't hesistate for a second, I grab my Naginata and strike him hard. He falls down while Bayushi Kyo quickly grabs the invitation. Who was this dishonorful Samurai! Togashi Yoshi removes the mask and we see it's Rumiko. She already seems far whiter than my strike should have caused. She is dying and can't be saved. It's quickly determined it was not my strike, but it was a poison she took that killed her. Suicide, how dishonorful. She is a shame for the Lion clan and i'm glad she is dead. But now to find out who she works for, and what to do with the body?

The body

We have a lot of discussion what to do with Rumiko's body.

  • Warn Hatsuhina and let the Cran clan solve it?
  • Go the the Lion delegation and let them help us solve it?
  • Just get rid of the body ourselves?
  • Go to the Ruby champion, Agasha, and ask for her help.

In the end we decide to go with the last option. Bayushi Kyo stays behind to guard the body while the rest of us go to Agasha. After a guard wakes her we explain about the intruder, without telling her name. Agasha promises to take care of the situation. After she gathered four Bushi we go back to our room with them. But in our room we find Bayushi Kyo unconcious on the floor! Someone surprised him and took him out! I guess Rumiko's boss thought she wasn't back in time and send some people to cover this all up! Let's get Bayushi Kyo on his feet again and find out what happened!