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29. Akodo Yumako

The Floating Destiny

Played on June 16nd, 2019

Month of the Horse 11th, 1125

The guards

The guards tell us that they heard that tonight the prisoners would be boarded on the ship called the Floating Destiny and leave Slow Tide harbor. I quickly roll the rusted katanas in a cloth so they are easier to carry. In the meanwhile the rest makes the guards ready to take them to the town Magistrate.

Before we leave Hiruma Tichuki asks if we should kill one of the guards to make sure they will talk. I lift my shoulders as I don't really care about these Heimen. They deserve nothing, but not sure how the Town Magistrate will response if we carry out their sentence here ourselves. After Togashi Yoshi mentions he doesn't mind explaining that one of them died during the combat, Hiruma Tichuki kills one of the guards. Not sure what we gain by this, but let's leave. There is a boat to find!

Doji Ren and Togashi Yoshi will take them to the Magistrate, while the rest will look for the ship. When we are still together and closing to the docks, we see some people in shackles being boarded on a ship, and on the ship the Tatooed Ronin is standing, the Floating Destiny!

The Floating Destiny!

I drop the rusted katana's from my back and draw my katana. Behind me I hear some splashes of water, the guards are falling into the water. How did that happen, not that they deserved any better...

Hiruma Tichuki makes several signals to point us towards some good places to take cover. While I move to the cover, I speak to my allies about the importance of our duty, and encouraging them to win this battle. The Kasuga Samurai and the Gaijin that were next to the ship draw their weapons and come running towards us.

The not so Floating Destiny!

Then I hear a sudden harsh incantation from Isawa Aki. And a second later a bolt of lightning strikes the tattooed Ronin with a powerful blast knocking him down. With the power of the blast the ship cracks and starts to take fire. Why did Isawa Aki do that?! The people we are trying to save are on that ship! Don't sink it!!

The combat

But I have to handle the combat in front of me first. I unleash Lord Akodo's Roar chilling the Samurai and Gaijin around me. After that I critically Strike one down. In the meantime Doji Ren runs around the combat towards the ship.

Isawa Aki jumps in to the water. Togashi Yoshi is swirling his staff around him hitting the Samurai while the earth trembles around him. Bayushi Kyo is having a great time between all these crates. Hiding and suddenly appearing while critically striking the Samurai. Hiruma Tichuki is shooting his arrows, and tries to run after Doji Ren.

But the big tattoed Ronin stands up again and seems to be targeting Doji Ren. So I call out the Ronin to come here, and fight me, trying to distract him from attacking Doji Ren.

Walk on Water

In the distance Isawa Aki appears from the water again. She seems to stand on top of the water...?