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21. Akodo Yumako

Played on March 17th, 2019

Into the Swamp

Month of the Horse 8th, 1125


During breakfast we decide to split up. Doji Ren's assistant will go to burakumin village to ask around about the goblins. Doji Ren, Hiruma Tichuki and Togashi Yoshi will visit the Green Rest while Isawa Aki, Bayushi Kyo and me will give Kizo's print shop a visit.

We find the print shop in the Merchant District and Kizo welcomes us. It is an older man. Some children, probably his grandchildren, are helping him in the shop. I look around and notice he also sells Sumi-e, a few minutes later I find one made by Kakita Amano. It's one of his better works for sure, maybe even better than the best we saw at Doji Hiroshige's belongings.

While I was looking around Isawa Aki and Bayushi Kyo questioned Kizo. First Isawa Aki didn't wanted to mention Hiroshige's name, but at the end she decided to be straight about it. Kizo tells her that Doji Hiroshige still owns him money. When I ask why he would borrow money to him he tells us that it was a friendly Crane, so he trusted him. He never saw Doji Hiroshige and Kakita Amano together, and hasn't seen both for a while now.

When we asks what he thinks of the dead Samurai found in the streets he is surprised. I'm not sure what to think about this Kizo. I think there is a lot he isn't telling...

Back to the Inn

We meet the others again at the Inn. They tell us about Yaguro, and when I hear what they tell about the Wallow, i'm glad I didn't have to go there. Most interesting is that Yaguro hasn't seen Doji Hiroshige for some weeks. And that he was complaining about the Golden Dream, where they sold some non-Rokughan stuff called Blue Flame.

Also Yaguro told them that Kizo was doing an Act, that he gives protection to the people, but for a price. So one thing is sure, the powers in the city are not all happy with each other.

Kiji also has returned and tells us about some Hinin he talked to. Some told him they lost family members to the goblins. And 2 Hinin who lost their children to the goblins told him they followed them, and could lead us there. We decide to follow that lead and tell Kiji that they have to be outside burakumin village to lead us to the goblins.

Goblin hunting

We meet the 2 hinin at the swamp outside the city. I command them to lead the way while we follow on a safe distance through the swamp. It's not easy to walk around here. At least Hiruma Tichuki seems a little used to this kind of terrain. So he takes the lead and we follow his footsteps. I'll stay at the back in case we get ambushed from behind.

At some point Tichuki finds the goblins tracks himself. Best to send those hinin away and to not have them around then. But Isawa Aki thinks they are still useful, so they stay a little longer. The 2 hinin walk out of our view around a corner. It's strange, before they would keep us in sight. Then 2 creatures jump out of the trees in front of us and a fight starts!