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12. Akodo Yumako

My brother

Played on January 17th, 2019

Month of the Serpent 17th, 1123

In the Audience Chamber of the Ruby Champion we are greeted by Agasha Sumiko. She asks Kitsuki Kāgi to leave. He seems surprised by this. We all offer the gifts we brought. Shinjo Takuya tried to impress her by using his Katana to present the gift, but this kinda fails and she doesn't even open it.

She asks us how our journey was, and we inform her about the Goblins and Ogre. She seems surprised by this, and will send some Magistrates to investigate it. Then she tells us we get a short version of the training which will only take 3 days, and that Kitsuki Kāgi can tell us more about it.

She explains the real reason why we are here in her private audience chamber. She wants us to investige Doji Satsume's death! She tells us that he already was cremated, and that it looked like natural causes. But I guess she has some doubts about that, why else ask us? And we only get 3 days time for it. Over 4 days we have to report the results! And ofcourse it has to stay a secret that we are doing that.

We go back to our quarters and I take my armor off and put on my normal clothes. Then we decide what to do next. First we are going to see if we can get in the Emerald Archives, and maybe talk to the person that found Doji Satsume's body. But on the way there we find Kitsuki Kāgi sorting some scrolls. We ask him about the training. We only get training for 3 mornings. First Investigation, then Weaponry and then Law. Also he think it's strange that we only get 3 days of training.

We offer to help with bringing the scrolls to the Archives where we see some scribes that look busy. Then it's time for dinner, and after that I go to bed early. This long journey has got me tired, and tomorrow the training begins!

Month of the Serpent 18th, 1123

We have breakfast in a big hall, together with all Samurai in the Palace. I notice that Doji Ren is going to sit somewhere else. She probably wants to try to find more out about Doji Satsume's death. And then I notice it... She is taking place next to Akodo Kiruhage! My evil twin brother! It seems the slimy bastard made himself popular here! And why is he here, just around the time Doji Satsume died... Did he take a role in that? He probably did...

After a few minutes I notice Bayushi Kyo staring at me. I guess he noticed my troubled face, so I explain him that Doji Ren is sitting next to my brother. Of course I already told the story about my twin brother to the rest of our party during our travels.

But I keep wondering what I should do. I guess I should greet him, since that's what family should do. But then, it's also an opportunity. He *is* here... Maybe it's a sign... of course! The Tengu! It was a test, an omen to see if I was ready to face my brother again! And I passed the test... Maybe I should challenge him for another duel. But not now, now is not the time. First we have the training this morning.

So I walk upto Akodo Kiruhage and greet him. He greets me as if we are normal sibling, without any hesistation. After that I go back to my seat.

Right after dinner we go to the Court of Judgement where our training will start. We are welcomed by Sepung Hotutu. There are other trainees, but it looks like it's not their first day. Seppun Hokuto asks us one by one why we want to become Emerald Magistrate. I tell him that I want to make sure the Emperor's Laws are upheld, to protect the people living in it, and to bring the clans closer to each other.