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14. Akodo Yumako

Played on January 27th, 2019

Month of the Serpent 18th, 1123

The Cave

We all come together in our quarters and talked about what we found. Isawa Aki, Shinjo Takuya and Togashi Yoshi found out that Doji Satsume was found at the bottom of the stairs, but that So didn't notice any wounds that would normally come from a fall. Also they found some notes that where against the Celestial Order. Togashi Yoshi took them to avoid other people finding them, as a way to help Doji Satsume. They also found some chicked feathers, probably left there by accident.

Next we want to visit the cave. Doji Ren mentions some doubts about the reason why we have to investigate Doji Satsume's death, and why we get the short training. I just think we are outsiders, and Agasha Sumiko choose us for this assignment because she is sure we are not involved in Doji Satsume's death outselves. Doji Ren also is considering not to join us the rest of this afternoon, she really wants to study. But I tel her that I will help her this evening with studying.

Whe find the cave, and while I am looking around inside the cave Bayushi Kyo asks me to help push a big stone. Isawa Aki also helps and we push it to the side. Behind it there is a dark tunnel. Isawa Aki finds a candle which she lits.

I go outside to get Doji Ren, and with the 4 of us we follow the tunnel. Shinjo Takuya stays with Togashi Yoshi who is meditating. About halfway the tunnel we notice some papers on the floor. After a quick scan it turns out to be more writings against the Celestial Order. The tunnel ends at some bushes outside the castle. This Is a hidden entrance! A way which Doji Satsume probably used to get out of the castle unnoticed.

Next we go back to the cave entrance. Togashi Yoshi and me want to read all the notes, and see what we can find out, while the rest wants to visit the chicken.

The Notes

Back in our quarters we read the notes. Some have the same handwriting as the ones found in Doji Satsume's quarters. The ones written by Doji Satsume are about the duties as Emerlad Chamipon. But there are also notes not written by Doji Satsume himself. Those don't agree how things are done in Rokugan and how it is ruled. That it's not fair, and how it's an unlawful system. All against the Celestial order and Imperial Families. I keep wondering who left these there. And if Doji Satsume was also against the Celestial Order... If that's the case, maybe it's good he is dead.

Festival of Millet

We meet the others at dinner. And today it is the Festival of Millet! All Samurai are here, and even some of the farmers are invited. Doji Ren is not sitting close to us. But soon the effect of her rumors start to happen. I notice there are talks about my brother! And my brother's face turns less happy by the minute.

It doesn't take too long before he leaves the dinner. Also there is a lot of sake, and suddenly the Magistrates behind us are talking very loud. They are saying that we can never be from the recent Topaz Championship, because we are mere children. And saying Sumiko is favoring us.

While I am considering how to respond to that, Shinjo Takuya mentions how great we are that we all achieved this on such a young age. I add to that that we even fought with Goblins and an Ogre, something other Magistrate never have done. And Togashi Yoshi mentions how we are closer to Enlightment than the other Magistrates, but they will get there someday.

A Crab clan Magistrate can't hold his composure, and challenges Shinjo Takuya to a duel. The Crab Magistrate wants to fight till first strike with a bokken. But I doubt Shinjo Takuya will accept that. For Unicorn samurai most duels are fought with bows or wrestling...