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31. Akodo Yumako

Let's never return here again

Played on June 30th, 2019

Month of the Horse 11th, 1125

The Magistrate

When we arrive at the Magistrate mansion the guards take over the prisoners to lock them up. Hiroshige and the other ones we rescued are getting medical attention and a place to sleep for the night. After that we meet with the Magistrate.

Kasuga Mikoto, the town Magistrate, thanks us for what we did. Isawa Aki explains everything that happened and about the Maho presence. Luckily Bayushi Kyo helps Isawa Aki with explaining the things such that no doubt is left for Kasuga Mikoto. This will make sure we can end our business here and return back to the Emerald Palace.

After that we find out that Doji Ren is afflicted by the big Ronin. Luckily Isawa Aki, with the help of Togashi Yoshi and Hiruma Tichuki can cleanse her. While that is going on I got to bed, it's really late and i'm really tired from all this.

Month of the Horse 12th, 1125

The next morning we pay Hiroshige a visit. We explain to him that it would be good for him to come with us to his father. While he doubts if he should do that, Togashi Yoshi can convince him with some old monk wisdom. After all finished their business here we take to boat to Otasan Uchi. Let's never return to this dreadful place.

Otosan Uchi

In Otosan Uchi we meet with Miya Kotsume and explain what happened. She is happy with how we handled it, but still she thinks that we could've done more about the Slow Tide Harbor issues. On the other hand that would also impose more risks. I think that Slow Tide Harbor is a lost cause anyways. She invites us to meet Otomo Saneda the next day. That would be a great honor, so we gladly accept that invite.

Month of the Horse 13th, 1125

After the gifting ceremony Otomo Saneda thanks us for returning his son, Otomo Hiroshige. And if we ever need the help of his family, we can count on that.

2 Year downtime

  • First I went to Phoenix lands. I returned one of the rusted Katana's to its family, the Kitsuki clan. They thank me for returning this long lost Katana.
  • After that I pay a visit to my uncle Asako Okashi, the smith that made my armor. I tell him about the rusted katana's. Together we clean and investigate them further, but it can't be determined from which family they are. Instead of letting them rust further, in honor of the formal owners of the Katana's we decide to smelt them. With help from a weaponsmith new katana's and Naginata's are build. When I leave I get offered 1 of the Nignata's as thank for what I did.
  • Then it's time to visit my school again. There I start focussing on using the Naginata and lear the Iron Forest Style
  • After that I did some more Emerald Magistrate missions with the rest.
  • Visited Winter Courts.
  • And joined a skirmish agains the Unicorn clan for my lord. Against those horses the Naginata was of good use.
  • Month of the Rooster 4th, 1127

    In the palace

    We are in the Emerald palace, and the last few days, we we already noticed a lot of talking between the Unicorn, Lion and Dragon clan representatived. Then we are all invited to meet with Togashi Gato, the Emerald Champion!

    He explains us that there is a dispute going on between the Lion and the Unicorn clan. Of course I know the relation between the Lion and the Unicorn isn't good. And there are enough small disputes the last years, like the one I fought in. He tells us that this threatens the stability of Rokugan. The Dragon clan offered to receive delegation from the 2 clans in the House of Light. The Emerald Champion explains that he can't be involved because he comes from one of the 2 clans. He tells us that we have to be present there, and that we can report afterwards about what happened. We shouldn't mis in the discussions itself.

    Ofcourse I wonder what has caused the dispute to become this big to threaten the stablity of Rokugan.

    I learn from Doji Ren that it has to do with a marriage between a Lion and a Dragon to fix the dispute that was going on for years. The Unicorn compensation has been lacking, how dare they!