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43. Akodo Yumako

The Snow Lantern Festival

Played on November 17th, 2019

Month of Togashi 16th, 1128

Snow Lantern Festival

The Snow Lantern Festival is beautiful. I see Isawa Aki talking with Doji Hatsuhina who is in the center of attention of a lot of people. Doji Ren is talking to Otomo Koryusai, who still doesn't look too happy.

A little later I notice Hiruma Tichuki walking to a darker spot in the gardens. When I got there later I see a flower drawn in the snow, with a letter inside. I guess he send his reply.
When I come back I see Isawa Aki is still talking to Doji Hatsuhina. It looks like they are having a lot of fun, and Doji Hatsuhina is indeed a very beautiful woman.

Month of Togashi 17th, 1128

The next day

During the morning of the next day some information is shared. It seems all the talking people did yesterday wasn't only for fun.
Doji Ren found out that the Mantis were always on the guest list. So the question is why they got their invitation so late. Also Doji Ren is going to keep a tea ceremony which I gladly join.
Isawa Aki found out that the Mantis invitation was send a month later than all the others, and that's why the clas house had to be made ready in a shorter time.
Also we learned that Otomo Koryusai and Doji Hatsuhina were lovers before Otomo Koryusai had to marry with a Bayushi. Togashi Yoshi tells that explains why Doji Hatsuhina was trying to make Otomo Koryusai jealous yesterday with Isawa Aki.

We have the Tea Ceremony in the morning, and the afternoon I spend in the library.

Month of Togashi 17th, 1128

Poetry Competition

Today is the Poety Competition. Isawa Aki and Yogashi Yoshi go to the site early and help with making it ready for the competition. Later I heard they did some ritual dance with Asahina Takako.

Doji Ren tells us she is also joining it. I'm really curious how she will do. We all go to the gardens, let the competition begin!