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23. Doji Ren

Gathering my thoughts

Played on April 7th, 2019

Miss Hana

It turns out, directions were spot on and in no-time we arrive at the house of Miss Hana in the Eastern Wallow. For Wallow standards, the house is rather lucrious and big, although still nothing compared to the houses we've seen in the Trade district. Some guards greet us at the entrance and we explain we would like to meet with Miss Hana about a mutual acquaintance.
One of the guards enter the house and a few moments later he welcomes us into the house. Some pretentious artworks decorate this house. We are asked to wait. A few moments later, a thin woman with an impressive presence twirling a pipe enters and bows to us, asking what she can do for us.
Kyo smoothtalks her and we explain to her about the disappearence of Doji Hiroshige and how we are trying to find him. Miss hana appears to know more, but she refuses to let go of any information. Kyo explains that for now we visit her as friends to Doji, we could also come back as the Emerald Magistrates we are. This helps to get her somewhat more cooperative. She tells us her help in the Golden Dream, Aio, could possibly provide us with more info, and that she'll notify her that she should tells us everything she knows. That at least is a start.

The Golden Dream

We return to the Golden Dream to have a chat with Aio again. She tells us about how Hiroshige was here about two weeks ago in the presence of two others, the Ronin with the eyepatch and another Crane Samurai Toru. Toru has visited more recently since then, but he got thrown out by Mugu. Mugu grunts. That last time Toru was here, he was in the presence of a big Tattoo'ed Ronin with whom he went into the direction of the Green Rest inn to continue his 'party'. Aio also mentions a Crane Samurai with loose hair and clothing that didni't fit him.

We return to the Inn of Many Paths to have some lunch and devise our next steps. Soo much info and names and so on and no idea what to do. I order Kiji to daily pay a visit to the Golden Dream to obtain more information in case any of our know Samurai or Ronin visit the place. But that is all he should get there!
When the innkeeper brings our lunch he tells that one of the friends of Hiroshige was a Tortoise by the name of Toru. He had also spoken to a Scorpion wearing a cat mask.
Clearly we are not the only ones looking for him, as the Artdealer and Doro, a money trader came by this morning also looking for him. Kyo and Tichuki than decide to pay the money trader a visit to hopefully find out more. Aki, together with Yoshi will pay Yagura a visit and finally Yumako and me will check out the city what's going on in the streets and on the local market.

Gathering my htoughts