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3. Bayushi Kyo

Played on October 28th, 2018

Topaz Championship, Day 2 in Tsuma, Year 1123

The first day of the two days of challenges to prove ourselves to be worthy of being a Samurai. But that is just a part of why I am here. I have no doubt earning my Gempuku, but earning my way as a Scorpion Samurai is not that easy. There will be challenges within challenges and other contenders and Scorpions to keep watch on. We meet a few other contenders at breakfast, only one interesting one. I did not know there was going to be another family member in the championship. A bushi, but a Scorpion nontheless, need to keep a close watch there.

We arrive at the Academy where most of the challenges will take place. I would keep my eyes sharp for anything, but also I would focus enough on the challenges on the first day to make sure I would not need the second day to get my Gempuku. Hitoshi also joins the contenders, he's not looking too sharp though. Not having a room in the same place we have might have caused this. I will heed my words to Doji Satsume, but he still is a lowly Mantis. He seems to have some disposition towards the Crane, an external weakness of some kind. It does not make sense.. Yet.

I will not bother you too much with the details of the first three tests. Sumai and Athletics were simple challenges of physique and the Heraldry test was so simple I handled that almost dishonorably. I am a little afraid the other contestants think worse of me after that display.