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24. Akodo Yumako

Played on April 14th, 2019

Goblin Hunting!

Month of the Horse 8th, 1125


In the evening we hear from the innkeeper's son that he saw Hade, the multicolour eyepatch Ronin, working as bouncer in the "Wailing Cat", a gambling house. His mother wasn't happy to hear the he was visiting places like that.

Isawa Aki and Hiruma Tichuki decided to still go to the gambling house that evening in search for Hade. I went to bed early, tomorrow we would go Goblin hunting!

Month of the Horse 9th, 1125

The next morning at breakfast they told us that they talked to the bouncer and that they heared he was seeing someone from the brothel. There they talked to a girl Ikue. She didn't saw him for some time now, but could tell them Hade smelled like horses, like he was sleeping in a stable.


After breakfast it was time to go Goblin hunting. Too bad we had to enter this terrible swamp again... Hiruma Tichuki could lead us to the place where we lost them some days ago. Together with Togashi Yoshi's help they found some tracks. We followed them and saw a camp in the distance. I wanted to explain what the best tactic was to approach the camp, but before it could end my sentence half the part had left 'scounting'. Even Isawa Aki, who is not known for her scouting abilities. I just decided to walk to the clearing then and quickly noticed the golbins left. But only just. I waited there, walking further could lead us into an ambush.

Then I saw the other 3 at the far end for a few seconds, and they disappeared again. A minute later Isawa Aki joined me and I told her to stay behind me. A minute later we hear a lot of loud noised coming from the other side of the clearing, and a group of Goblin comes running in, followed by...