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10. Akodo Yumako

The Ogre and the band of Goblins

Played on December 23th, 2018

Day 12, Spring 1123

I charge at the Ogre and strike him as Earth! I have to be patience this fight. I stay focused at the Ogre and defend while I await for the moments to strike. In the meanwhile the others take care of the goblins.

From the bushes Doji Ren shoots with her bow and kills some goblins, while Shinjo Takuya's volley of arrows cause havoc to the goblins.

Togashi Yoshi slams his foot into the ground close to some goblins and the earth starts to shudder as the Ki rushes through the soil. The goblins around him start to fall prone and get smacked by his staff.

Bayushi Kyo strikes with his Katana and also does a great job of killing goblins.

While I'm rooted to the ground, hunkering down to make sure my Lacquered Armor takes the brunt of the hits, it's finally time to unleash Lord Akodo’s Roar! It echoes through the enemies around me. And as it hampers their focus the Ogre starts to miss his attacks swinging his huge club around. Then I strike him again at the right moment and he finally falls on his knees, which I follow up with one last strike to finish him.

In the meanwhile all goblins are also taken care of by the rest of the group.