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2. Bayushi Kyo

A strange night in Tsuma

Played on October 21st, 2018

Topaz Championship, Day 1 in Tsuma, Year 1123

It's been a long walk to Tsuma through the clan lands of Rokugan. Finally the time is here to prove myself towards my clan. This is the year I become a full fledged Samurai. Both for the world, but more importantly for my clan. We are the Scorpion clan, we are hated by all to keep Rakugan safe from within.

I've already met and travelled with five other Samurai on my way, giving me time to learn about them. Not holding their clans against them, they seem to be honest and ready for being Samurai. So my challenge starts at the House of the Laughing Carp. Here we meet more and I can see what drives them and learn their weaknesses. These weaknesses can be used in the contest, either to win, or to find out if everyone is who they say they are.

First we meet a Mantis named Hitoshi, a lesser clan, but that might just mean he will be more dangerous to prove himself. He seemed to be fiery after hearing there was no room available, he obviously needs more control there. Also easily convinced when Doji Ren points him to an alternative. Not interesting as of yet.
Secondly we see a Unicorn called Moto Batbayar. Shinjo Takuya goes up to meet her, I keep close to make sure I don't miss anything. A foreigner indeed, I cannot tell much more yet.
Thirdly we meet a Dragon called Mirumoto Hinara followed by a Crab named Yasuki Jun. They don't offer much information. Mirumoti is big and probably brainless and even though she has two same sized weapons and seems ambidextrous she moves with a small preference to the right.

The House of the Laughing Carp has decent rooms and sleep comes swiftly. But my sleep is suddenly disturbed by a strange scene in the night. It seems the spirit of Doji Satsumi has come to visit bouth this house and our traveling group specifically. A table with tea is set and I automatically serve Doji Satsumi and the rest of our group. It is a special night and I am partly confused, but what I mostly learn is that the Mantis Samurai is special to Doji Satsumi and that makes him special to me as well. I will have to keep my eyes and ears sharp and find out what this championship brings me. Challenge accepted!