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31. Doji Ren

Done with the Tortoise!

Played on June 30th, 2019

The procession

We move in procession to the Magistrate. Aki has a chat with "Dojisan" Hiroshige, who thanks her for his rescue. But for now he's somewhat overwhelmed by the number of people who seemed to have been looking for him. He's still recovering from the days he's been imprisoned. He's got no idea though why that happened to him.
Kyo responds that a Samurai should have known how to save himself. I respond that especially a Doji would've managed... Tichuki in response raises an eyebrow.

The Tortoise peacekeepers take the prisoners with them to lock them up. And the rescued are taken to get cleaned up and get a good nights sleep.
We have to wait for ten minutes before we're invited to sit at the Magistrate's table. Tichuki whispers to me that he wonders if we'll see them back again.
We're thanked for our excellent service to Slow Tide Harbor, and Aki explains about the fled accomplices, the Gajin and the $Maho-witch. Yumako adds in the complicity of Yugaro.
The Magistrate seems to feel uncomfortable with the Maho situation and asks for advice. Aki advices to to comb the swamps for remaining golbin and possible other threats there. She'll also contact any local Shugenja to provide them with advice on what to look for and where.

Before we go to bed I'm really glad that Aki with the help of Yoshi and Tichuki deal with my afflication. That will help me a lot getting a good night sleep.

Back home

The next morning after sleeping in late, we head back to the Magistrate to see how Hiroshige is doing. "Thanks again!" he states. He's feeling a lot better after this good night sleep and he's ready to go his own way again.
We explain to him that we have been looking for him by request of a friend of his father. He's clearly startled by this relevation; "What do I have to offer my father?!". Yoshi tells him about an old monk wisdom that the first step of honour restoration starts with the people you love, your family.

Even though we've provided all the proof the Magistrate needed for the conviction of the prisoners and the death of Yaguro, my curiosity hasn't been satisfied yet and I want to visit Yaguro's home. Awa is present and after some Emerald Magistrate show-of allows us into the home. Yoshi investigated the bedroom, but it turns out we're too late. Awa has no idea who it was or why that person came by to clean up.

As a last action in Slow Tide Harbor, Aki pays Hade a visit and asks him to be our eyes and ears here, to repay his debt to her.

Then finally it's time to board a ship leaving for Otosan Uchi. We pay Miya Kotsume a visit and explain what has happened to us in the past few days. She's happy we managed to rescue Hiroshige and will set up a meeting with Otomo Saneda. She compliments us with the way we dealt with the investigation. Possibly there might have been other solutions to the issue at hand, but that might have imposed more risks, so all in all we did really well.

The next day we get to meet Otomo. He warmly thanks us for returning his son, even though his attitude towards him is a lot less warm.


two minor winter courts

Unicorn and Lion

After a lot of travelling, visiting our relatives and performing various Emerald Magistrate activities we all gather in the Ishiro Yogasho palace.
There are a lot of conversations going on between the Unicorn, Lion and Dragon Clan Representatives we still remember from the last time we met them. We are invited to meet with the Emerald Champion!
We learn there something going on which is threatening the stability of the Rokugan Empire. I learn that there's a dispute going on between the Unicorn and the Lion clan. Another thing I hear about is the lack of children being born in the Dragon lands.

The Emerald Champion welcomes us and the three Clan Representatives. Gifts are exchanged and than he addresses us: "Unfortunately there's a dispoute between the Unicorn and the Lion" (Something I had already heard of course) "It need to be solved for the stability of Rokugan."
The Dragon Clan has offered to received delegations from the Clans in their 'House of Light'. The Emerald Champion very ominously explains he can't be invloced due to his role and asks us to be present as representation of the other Major Clans. We just have to be present, no need to participate in the discussions.
That will allow me to get to know a lot of important people, my Daimyo will be proud.
My curiosity has me diggin deeper in the source of the dispute and I manage to learn that there has been a marriage to fix the issue. A Lion Daimyos daughter has been married to a Unicorn, but the compensation has been lacking.