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27. Akodo Yumako

Finding a warehouse

Played on June 2nd, 2019

Kakita Amano's address

Month of the Horse 11th, 1125

In the afternoon we decide to visit the 2 addresses we got from Hade. First we visite the address of Kakita Amano. He lives above a sandal maker. But when he ask the sandel maker about Kakito Amano, it seems he left here 6 days ago and has moved to the Wallows. He was afraid someone would find him here. So who is he afraid for?

Kasuga Toru's address

The next address is where Kasuga Toru lives. It seems there has been a fight in his appartment. We find a big muddy footprint. Togashi Yoshi determines it has to be mud from the rice fields. In the meanwhile Bayushi Kyo had talked with some people in the neighbourhood, and found out that Kasuga Toru was seen entering his appartment with the big tattooed Tonin.

The rice fields

A few of us decide to go check around the rice fields. Togashi Yoshi seems an expert in mud and tracks, since he can find the tracks around all this mud on the road. They go towards the warehouse area. We walk around the warehouses to see if we can find any other clues. And then we notice a green piece of bloodied cloth next to a warehouse. Hiruma Tichuki can tell us it's from the Yasuki family. This might be a piece from the dead Crab Samurai! We decide to go get the others before we enter the warehouse.


During dinner Hade joins us again. I ask him where Kakita Amano lives, but he doesn't know. He can tell us exactly where Doji Hiroshige got kidnapped. And mentioned something Doji Hiroshige said: "AfFter Bayushi you also abandon me". But Hade has no idea who this Bayushi is.

The warehouse

After dinner we go to the place where Doji Hiroshige got kidnapped. Hiruma Tichuki finds a piece of cloth from a kimono. It is covered in raw opium.

It's more quite now around the warehouse district. Togashi Yoshi activates one of his tattoos, and can now feel through the earth how many people are inside the warehouse! With that information I come up with a tactic how to approach this fight. Because a fight it will be, so many people sitting idle in a warehouse around this time is not normal. Some others block the backdoor during this time.

Before we enter I speak to Bayushi Kyo to remove all doubts in his eyes about the danger of this mission.
When we want to enter the door is locked. So I kick it in and storm inside! Doji Ren shouts that they're all under arrest in the name of the Emerald Champion!