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13. Akodo Yumako

Training Morning 1

Played on January 20th, 2019

Month of the Serpent 18th, 1123


The training starts with Shiro Yogasha telling us a lot about investigation. It's really interesting and we learn how to combine different seemingly unrelated events, and use that to solve a case! He gives us some examples of his past investigations. At the end of this we all get the same assignment. He provides us with all these transcripts of interviews, and we have to find out who did it.

I start reading through them, and I find out by reasoning about how people should behave and how they did behave who did it.

Togashi Yohsi also came to the same conclusion, and it was indeed the correct answer. I am kinda surprised that our Courtiers didn't solve it correctly. I see Doji Ren struggling with a lot of notes that she made. Maybe I can help her later to recall exactly what Shiro Yogasha told this morning and help her with her notes.


After lunch we all come together in our quarters. We make plans about the Doji Satsume investigation. Some are going to talk with So, the one that found the body of Doji Satsume. Bayushi Kyo wants to talk to the Scorpion clan representative. And I decide to go together with Doji Ren to our clan representatives.

If someone asks why we ask questions about Doji Satsume's death, we have the excuse that we need to practice the skills learned this morning for our training. Also I mention about my brother, and that we should really look into him now, since he is leaving tomorrow. I'm still convinced that he was involved in some way...

While Doji Ren and me left, we talk futher about my brother. She has the plan to gossip during dinner about how Akodo Kiruhage cheated during the duel with me. It would be great if that truth would come to the surface. It looks like she also isn't very fond on my brother, which makes me wonder what they discussed during breakfast this morning.


First we go to Kitsu Tsuguri, the Lion Clan representative. I introduce myself and Doji Ren, and ask some questions about my brother and Doji Satsume. He tells that Doji Satsume still fought pretty good for someone of his age, and didn't noticed anything strange in the days before his death. He is sad that Doji Satsume didn't get the honerable death that he deserved.

About my brother, it seems he had some practice sessions with him and he was impressed. So of course I suggest to practice with him, so he can see that i'm the better of the twins.

I pick up a bokken and we start right away. The fight ends pretty even and Kitsu Tsuguri is very impressed!


After that we visit the Crane clan representative. After introducing us, Doji Rens asks a lot of questions about Doji Satsume. It's not clear to me if she is trying to answer them honestly, or is just saying things to test Doji Ren's training. I try to help her with the theory learned this morning as much as possible.