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44. Akodo Yumako

Poetry Competition

Played on November 24th, 2019

Month of Togashi 17th, 1128

Poetry Competition

We arrive at the poetry competition. The Emperor and his 2 sons are also there and have the main spots. The contestants make themselves ready. The following are the main competitors:

  • Ikoma Rumiko
  • Doji Chiyoe
  • Lady Magami
  • Otoma Koryusai
  • Doji Hatsuhina
  • Doji Ren

So we have a Mantis contestant, and she looks beautiful also! This will be interesting. First they get an hour to make their poem, and then they will present it.

While watching the contestants working on their poems suddenly there are 2 cranes in the water. But they are not natural. They don't move at all. They just stay there for about a minute and then disappear again. What is going on? Some of the contestants seem distracted by it. Otomo looks pale and i'm sure Doji Hatsuhina got distracted.

While everyone is talking about what happened I notice Hiruma Tichuki calling out Doji Chioe's name a little louder than would be smart. What is he trying to do. And then I remember. A few years ago he also made an illusion. Would the cranes be his creation? Why is he trying to ruin this competition? In front of the Emperor even!
Luckily i'm not the only one that notices, and I see Isawa Aki walking towards him. She tells him to stop with it. It seems it's all about that stupid game. I think he is taking it too serious, it's not a war, it's just a stupid letter game!
While I pay some attention to Hiruma Tichuki it seems he indeed calmed some down. All he does is stare a little too much to the competitors.

A little later I see Bayushi Kyo talking to Susano-o no Izen. What is going on there?

Then it's time for the presentations! I'm very curious how Doji Ren will do. Her poem has a lot of layers but missed some rythm. Still i'm amazed by what she made. I think it's all a little too much since she is stuttering a little and after the presentation her Calligraphy set goes through the air.

The Results

Then there are the results. 3rd place ios for Doji Chiyoe. Second place for Doji Ren! And the winner... Lady Magami! A Mantis that wins the poetry competition, beating all 3 Doji samurai. What a surprise. I guess Kakita Ryoku won't be happy.

Afterwards it's time for a picknick. Togashi Yoshi invites me to join them to the pavillion to have lunch with the other contestants.