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20. Akodo Yumako

Played on March 10th, 2019

Two years

Month of the Horse 7th, 1125

Slow Tide Harbor

We take the boat and arrived in Slow Tide Harbor at the end of the day. While we directly head towards the local Governor Doji Ren greets the Harbor Master. Why would she do that? You would think a Courtier would know that you should go to the governor first before talking to others.

We find the Governor, Kasuga Mugatsu. We tell him we are here to help him with the Goblin problem. He doesn't really look happy to see us, not sure why. He tells us they were seen in Burakumin Village, where the hinin live. When we aks where we can stay he tells us rooms in the Inn of Many Paths will be arranged for us.

Next we go the the local Magistrate, Kasuga Mikoto. We don't get a good impression of her. She can't tell us much more about the Goblins. And when we ask about Doji Hiroshike she again doesn't look happy and tells us he indeed disappeared.

It is only after Bayushi Kyo compliments her about what she is doing that she becomes more eager to help us. She tells us about some others that also disappeared lately:

  • Kasuga Toru
  • Kasuga Michiko
  • Fubato (Ronin)
And that they found a dead Crab Samurai in an alley a week ago:
  • Yasuki Suzaku
A lot of bad things are going on in a small town like this. Kasuga Mikoto thinks there is no mastermind behind all the disappearances, but that it's just coincident. I guess we have to do some investigation ourselves first to find out about that.

She tells us about the 5 powers in this town:

  • Gaijin Azif the Smooth
  • Merchant Patron Kasugo Yumiko
  • Hana "the Flower", owns the Golden Dream
  • Kizo, owns Splendid Visions, a print shop
  • Yaguro, owns the Green Rest
It all sounds very shady, and I get the feeling this town is owned by crime lords, not Samurai!

The Inn of Many Paths

We find the Inn of Many Paths in the Merchant District and find a table. ISawa Aki asks the innkeeper, Chiyu, about Doji Hiroshike and she confirms that he didn't show up anymore for some time, and that also some others came asking. She rehired the room again. The belongings he left she kept herself, because he was behind on paying the rent. After dinner we can look through his stuff.

Hiroshike didn't have much things left, Chiyu tells us he sold most of his stuff. She has some chopsticks and a few other items. The most interesting are some Sumi-e drawings made by Kakita Amano. Not all of the same quality, so the suspicion is some were made under influence of something like opium.
After that we are going to bed. Tomorrow it's time to continue these investigations. Lets hope we can finish them quickly so we can leave this dreadful place.