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9. Akodo Yumako

On our way to the Palace

Played on December 16th, 2018

Day 6, Spring 1123

In the afternoon I feel better again, and we discuss the results of everyone's morning.

Isawa Aki could not get contact with Doji Satsume, it seems his spirit is not in Tsuma.

Shinjo Takuya found out that Hitoshi wanted to go home as quick as possible, since he doesn't feel safe here. He thinks everything happened because he is from Mantis clan. And we are pretty sure he is unaware about his real father.

Doji Ren found out that Doji Satsumi died in the Emereld Castle, and had a name of a person we should speak to for more information about it.

Bayushy Kyo had an appointment with Kakita Toshimoko this afternoon, where he wants to ask if he can speak with Bayushi Sugai.

In the appointment in the afternoon he had a chance to speak to Bayushi Sugai. It seems that Bayushi Sugai did this because of how things went last year, and he wanted to dishonor the Kakita's. Something about him getting second place. It doesn't seem to be related to Hitoshi at all.

Day 7, Spring 1123

The next morning we start our journey towards Shiro Yogasha, the castle of the Emerald Champion. I've learned about that castle on school. It is on a high hill surrounded by a wide empty plain, and no army has ever dared to threaten its borders. I'm really looking forward to seeing it with my own eyes.

Day 8, Spring 1123

On the second day, when I wake up, I notice an old lady practicing her Kata. But this is not some normal Kata. It are Kata I've never seen before, not even at the Akodo War College! Also she is only wearing some old gray robes. It's impossible to determine from which clan she is.

I walk closer towards her to compliment her with her moves. Isawa Aki and Shinjo Takuya also join me. When we are close she challenges us to a duel! Of course I accept that, same as the others, and i'm allowed to go first. I take a very cautious approach. I wait and wait. And at exact the right moment I draw my blad and strike her first! She looks very surprised and congratulates me.

After me it's Shinjo Takuya's turn. But he has a different idea. He lets his horse run towards her and rear right before her. Then shoots 3 arrows in the wood of the saddle. But 1 arrow misses, probably because unexpectedly the horse calms down when the woman touches it. After him it's Isawa Aki's turn. She picks some small branches, lets them start burning and from it a bolt of fire goes straight towards the old woman and explodes there. But right when that happens the old woman disappears and appears again 10 foot to the side. Isawa Aki also wins the challenge, but what is going on here?

Then the old woman starts to get gray feathers and huge wings and starts to laugh while she flies away! Now I understand what happened. It was a Tengu! I learned about them, it is a very old race, and they do not age. It is a great honor that one revealed itself to us. And I even won a duel from her, while they are legendary swordsmen! This should be a good sign!

Day 10, Spring 1123

Two days later we catch up with Ryu and his cart. It seems there is less stuff on the cart, and after some questions we find out that the new Emerald Champion took some things with him towards Tsuma. We continue our way.

Day 12, Spring 1123

Isawa Aki already warned us that she got a bad omen. But it was on the 6th day of our journey when we saw 2 carts lying on their side. Some dead bodies of bodyguards and some peasants screaming for help. There is a big ogre, and a lot of small goblins eating from the dead horses. They haven't noticed us yet. We can't leave these people and have to protect them! I command all to take their weapons and prepare for an attack. The ogre will be mine!