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38. Akodo Yumako

A brother

Played on September 22nd, 2019

Month of the Rooster 16th, 1127


Part of this was from previous session, but rewrote it because of some changes
Then Akodo Toturi, the Lion Clan Champion, speaks up and asks if the whole village is afflicted then? Hiruma Tichuki tells him that it could be. And nobody else speaks up to deny it. Toturi gives the command to kill Ichiro, and after that the rest of the village. Matsu Sachiko walks towards Ichiro and a fight starts. It seems Matsu Sachiko can't handle him alone so Toturi orders the others to help her. But then Bayushi Kyo jumps in from of Toturi. With a show of bravado he tells Toturi that this is not a fair fight. He tells him that Ichiro clearly is a Mirumoto Family Samurai, and that it would be better to let his family decide about his fate, rather then him being killed honorless. And Bayushi Kyo asks if we, as Emerald Magistrate, can take him over and return him to his family. Toturi is clearly surprised.

Why is Bayushi doing this? I should trust him, clearly this is the best way to keep the peace between all clans. So I step forward and give my word to Toturi that we will bring Ichiro to his family so they can give him what he deserves. Having a Lion Samurai give his word should help in this. And indeed Toturi accepts this. But then there is another problem. It seems Ichiro doesn't want to go back to his family. Togashi Yoshi whispers some words to him, and then Doji Ren also arrives. Where has she been during the fight? She joins the discussion and it seems they have convinced Ichiro to come with us. Since we can travel faster, we go ahead of the Lion delegation while they continue with cleansing the village.

Month of the Rooster 17th, 1127

Last Step Castle

After one and a half day we reach the Last Step Castle. All the time I keep an eye out on Ichiro. I made a promiss to Akodo Toturi, so will do whatever is needed to keep it. It seems he has his honor and accepted his fate. He follows us without any problems. From the Castle a guide leads us through the snow and over the mountains. It's freezing cold out here, and I wonder how Togashi Yoshi can function in this cold with his bare chest.

Month of the Rooster 22th, 1127

The High House of Light

After a 5 day journey through the mountains we arrive at the High House of Light. Some of us don't want Ichiro to enter this place as a prisoner, so we give him is Daisho back. I'm not sure if he deserved that. Inside the castle we are summoned to Mirumoto Tanetsu.

She asks us how it went. The Unicorn delegation already arrived yesterday, and isn't happy with waiting for the Lion delegation. We explain about the Maho presence in the village, and that the Lion delegation cleansed it. We tell them about the temple and its state, and how we prevented the Lion delegation from visiting it. Also we tell about the Miromoto Samurai we have with us, and that father will be happy to see him return. All what we did was in interest of the Dragon clan and the success of this summit. Clearing the Maho was for the greater good of Rokugan, and the Unicorn clan should accept that as a reason for delay.

Mirumoto Tanetsu accepts our explanation. A lot happened which she didn't expect. She tells us they will handle the Unicorn delegation and thanks us. We hand Ichiro over to the Dragon Clan Champion. I'm sure they will give him what he deserves.

Month of the Rooster 23th, 1127

The Summit

It seems the Dragon clan succeeded in covering up for the late arrival of the Lion clan and in the end the Lion and the Unicorn clan come to an agreement.


The matter with my brother on the other hand stays on my mind. It seems it also bothers him, so after a few days when he has some time off we decide to talk about it.

Kiruhage mentions he is proud of what i've achieved, and seems honostly interested in improving our contact. I till him I need clarity about our duel, which is now already 6 years ago. Kiruhage tells me he regrets what happened. He was still young and uninhibited back then, and didn't think about the consequences. He asks if I can forgive him...

I can see he changed. He is more mature now and I decide he earns another chance. I now know that there are more dangerous threats around. And having family to count on will only help with that. So maybe it's time to stop this fight and support each other instead of trying to prevent us from greatness. I give him a hug, something that didn't happen for at least 8 years. And that night I sleep surprisingly well...


A year downtime

  • After the summit it's time for a winter court. I join one in Lion lands, together with my brother. This time feels special to me, it feels as if it found some part back in my life that I missed since the lost of my mother.
  • I went to my school for more training.
  • We did some Emerald Magistrate assignments.
  • And then there it was. An invite for the Imperial Winter Court in Kyūden Doji, the Esteemed Palaces of the Doji! This is a very great honor! It seems our actions didn't went unnoticed. We will be there as Emerald Magistrates to keep the peace between the clans.